Shift Active Media • Zwift Training Made Fun

Master films (English)
Reversions (German & Japanese) 
1x 30”, 5x 15”, 6x 06”

Creative • Flame • Grade

We worked with leading global consumer engagement company Shift Active Media to complete picture post production on their campaign for Zwift, an indoor cycling app.

With pressing client deadlines and a high amount of VFX to achieve, we took a collaborative approach to this project. Two flames at Bubble worked across the more in-depth post work such as 3D camera tracking and VFX transitions, while the agency’s in-house team completed compositing and editing at 4K from their offices in Bath.

Senior flame lead, Toby Aldridge, said: “Zwift was a great project for us to get our teeth into here at Bubble. By taking responsibility for the more complicated post elements, managing the workflow of two flame ops to coincide with the agency team, (including sharing masters and shots back and forth), there was a lot to do in a short amount of time; however it’s amazing nowadays how quick collaborative file sharing over the internet can be.” 

The compositing work for this project was handled in Flame and Nuke, with assistance from some additional software including Mocha and PFTrack, while the colour grade was completed in our Da Vinci Resolve grading theatre.

Senior colourist, Marty McMullan, completed the grade using a transition from mundane greyscale through to vibrant poppy brand colours to convey how Zwift training is much more than the standard exercise bike experience.

Vix Box, Creative Director, writes: “This was a challenging brief as it was commissioned as an evolution of the existing Zwift look but the campaign needed to stand out on its own merits, clearly spelling out what you need to Zwift. This was how the concept was born "Zwift Maths = Your Bike + Your Trainer + Zwift App".  The creative challenge was to do this in a way that excites the audience, tantalising riders worldwide.

To provide excitement, I decided to create a moment of anticipation; a clear difference in your experience when you use the Zwift app. The language, colours, performance and clothing of the riders will start neutral and then within a moment, explode with colour. The injection of energy will be instant.  I wanted people to understand in one-two seconds that when you launch the Zwift app, your riding experience is transformed.

Bubble immediately visualised what we wanted to achieve, and at every stage in the production offered ideas; at no point was anything too much for them.”

Shift Active Media

Wayne Brown, Managing Director

Vix Box, Creative Director

Thomas Bowes, Production Manager

Tim Kirby, Editor

Barry Taylor, Motion Designer


Toby Aldridge, Flame Lead

Grant McKean, Flame

Marty McMullan, Colourist

Kabir Malik, Producer