Roland Lane Studios • Tino Kamal V.I.P.

Creative • Grade

In partnership with Dimension Studio and Prodigious

We were approached by director and photographer Roland Lane to grade this innovative pop promo for London-based rapper Tino Kamal, in collaboration with Dimension Studio and Prodigious. We’re excited to unveil two teasers for V.I.P., with the full video to follow soon.

The video was shot at volumetric and 3D capture studio Dimension, where mixed reality capture technology was used to create a 360-degree moving image of the rap artist to essentially create a virtual asset of his performance. Through the recording of holographic videos, the technology, pioneered by Microsoft, enables audiences to interact with holograms in augmented reality, virtual reality, and on 2D screens.

With CGI and VFX by the team at Prodigious, Roland has used the technology in this 2D video to see how far CGI and VFX could be pushed when working with volumetric capture. Roland said: “Core cinematic values were crucial to this piece of work succeeding, and the grade was as important as it always is in terms of bringing the final content to life. It needed a colourist with a fantastic eye and great judgement, who was interested in working with such unique footage. I'm delighted Marty at Silk came on board and it's been a pleasure working with him closely on this ambitious pop promo.”