Rattling Stick • Blanche Moment

Creative  • Flame • Grade

We completed grade and flame post work on the latest music video for Belgian singer and songwriter, Blanche, and her new single, ‘Moment’.

Released through [PIAS] Recordings, the promo was produced by Rattling Stick and directed by Eve Mahoney.

Eve, who is represented by Rattling Stick’s new director roster, DirtyWork, said: “After a chaotic shoot, Marty and Toby helped me see the project in a new light.
For the 'bridge' of the song, we used a long take of a solo dance performance and although I didn't want to cut it, I knew it needed something, I just didn't know what. After a session with Toby, we explored a bunch of different options and created a subtle effect that complements the performance, without detracting from it. That scene is now my favourite in the piece.”