Knucklehead • Entelechy Arts Ted’s Story

Creative • Grade • Flame

We completed a colour grade and flame work on Ted’s Story, a film by director Sonja Phillips for participatory arts company and charity, Entelechy Arts.

Created in association with Media Trust, the short film explores the real impact of loneliness and isolation at old age, and how creativity and community can help this.

As told by Entelechy member, Ted, the fulfilment and creative passion found through arts programmes and communities can help those affected by loneliness find a voice, and joy, again.

"I LOVE THE GRADE. Marty really managed to visually realise Ted's emotions through the colours"- Sonja Phillips, Director

Ted’s Story Credits

Director: Sonja Phillips

Production Company: Knucklehead

Producer: Juliet Naylor

Producer: Ayo Davis

DP: Jim Joliffe

Art Director: Toby Stevens

Editor: Nick Armstrong

Grade: Marty McMullan at Silk

Flame: Toby Aldridge at Silk

Flame: Anne Trotman at The Mill New York