Kid Kapichi • Kid Kapichi Death Dips

Creative • Grade

We completed a colour grade on the latest music video for rock band Kid Kapichi, and their new single, ‘Death Dips’.

Directed by James Green, and shot on 16mm film, the music promo follows a narrative of ‘the never-ending search for the ultimate high’, as explored in the song’s lyrics. 

Working to an open brief from the band, James created a performance-heavy video with a retro aesthetic, leaning on the dark, surreal, theatrical tone of the band’s music.

James said: “Together with my wonderful DoP Ben Marshall, we ended up taking heavy influence from 60s/70s B-Movie aesthetics, as not only did that work perfectly with the track and narrative, it’s also a style I love.

I knew shooting on 16mm film was the only way to get the desired look, even though this would be my first time directing on film.

When the scans came back from Cinelab London, the amount of grain and colour retained on the Kodak 500T stock was mind blowing.

I was lucky enough to have Marty grade the finished piece at Silk (part of Bubble Television Group). He was the perfect choice, having a great eye for colour and a genuine passion for working on film neg.’’