ITVBe launches littleBe with a musical helping hand from Bubble.

ITV Creative have been working with us for the past six weeks on full music composition and sound design for channel branding of new zone littleBe, week-day mornings on ITVBe, launched 3rd September 2018.  Aimed at children between the ages of 0-4, the brief was to create a more modern and realistic sound-bed that avoided cartoon cliché sound effects, with the characters brought to life with original vocalisations.  Characterisations of the animated protagonists needed to be vocalised but had to be language and gender neutral as far as possible, and many of the sound effects were created from scratch, as stock effects could not achieve the right feel.

Composers Greg and James first got to grips with the music composition, with the challenge being to bring to life the animation with a modern feel, whilst maintaining empathy for classic children’s television programming.  It was important to take a holistic approach to the job, with instrumentation being critical to achieve the correct feel and energy, generating multiple arrangements of the main theme to be used in different scenarios.

James then moved onto the sound design phase, which had to be sympathetic to the young audience and simultaneously not alienating the mature audience.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Greg, James and the team.  From the offset they completely understood the unique feel I wanted to achieve to complement the stripped back animation style for littleBe.” 

Jason Ford ITV Creative, Creative Director Brand & Design


Creative • Foley • Music Composition • Sound Mixing • Sound Design • Vocals & Voice Recording


Credits: ITV Creative

Tony Pipes - Executive Creative Director, ITV Creative

Jason Ford - Creative Director, ITV Creative Brand + Design

Rachel King - Creative Director, ITV Creative

Peter Halata, Designer

Gareth Davis, Designer

Tom Wood, Designer

Crawford Wilson, Designer

Martin Falconer, Designer

Angela Lyttle - Senior Producer, ITV Creative Brand & Design

Sophie Amklev - Production Assistant, ITV Creative

Vanessa Wise - Senior Campaign Manager, ITV Creative


Credits: Bubble      

Greg Claridge, Music Composition & Sound Design

James Taylor, Music Composition & Sound Design

Paula Ryman, Producer

Sam Phinikas, Producer

Kabir Malik, Exec Producer