Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond

London, 1939. Ian Fleming is an irresponsible playboy living in the shadow of his dead war hero father, his successful author brother and his domineering mother. Bound to a dismal desk job and generally seen as a disappointment, he nonetheless dreams of becoming the ‘ultimate’ man – a hero, a lover, a brute, the one who always gets the girl.

When the Second World War breaks out, Fleming suddenly finds himself with a chance to shine – to prove his worth – with a job in Naval Intelligence. At first, he is inclined to treat his new job as a big adventure but as the shocking consequences and challenges of war become ever clearer to him, he begins to learn where his real talents lie – and what it takes to be a real man.

Through mind-blowing escapades at home and abroad, Fleming risks his life. But will he ever dare to risk his heart? Packed with lust, romance, humour, jeopardy and explosive action – and set in Britain, France, Germany and Jamaica – this is the fascinating story of the man whose own life and adventures were the inspiration for one of the most iconic spies in modern literature – James Bond.

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond airs from Wednesday, 5 March at 21:15 on BBC Entertainment

James Taylor recorded the V/O and mixed the promo for this new series.